Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Wildlife Biologist's Welcome

My name is Tracy Bennett and I am a wildlife biologist in Northwestern Montana. I have spent the past three years working not only as an independent contractor for various studies in this neck of the woods but have also worked on and off with various public land agencies since I was in junior high such as BLM, Wyoming Game and Fish, and most recently the USFS. Though its only been a few years since I've started my professional career as a biologist, I have loved wildlife and the backcountry for as long as I can remember. My intent with this particular blog is to share my experiences with others with similar interests and use this as a tool for teaching and learning. I encourage fellow biologists, wildland conversationalist, wildlife managers, and those with a general love of the outdoors to comment and ask questions as this site grows.
Hopefully we can build a good following here and share insights of the trade and promote growth. I have worked on various projects ranging from habitat improvement projects for old growth species, to genetic improvement projects with whitebark and western white pine on our national forests, to a number of fecundity and monitoring projects of large carnivores. I have a broad interest base and over the next few months would like to begin this blog with some of the research I've done and I'll hopefully get some feedback from you all as well.
Again welcome and happy reading.

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  1. This is really cool; thanks for helping me understand more about Montana's wildlife!